10 Rules For Profitable Self-Discipline

These are 10 rules I learned from Napoleon Hill for profitable self-descipline.

1. Keep cool when other people get hot. Whenever someone gets angry always remain cool, calm and collected. There is never a reason to let someone effect your posistive state of mind. No person has control over your thoughts.

2. There are 3 sides to all arguments – your side, the other persons side and the right side. Always consider the other 2 points of view.

3. Never give directives to a subordinate when your angry. If the matter is urgent then cool off quickly. You will never make a smart decision when you are angry.

4. Treat all people as nearly as possible as if they were rich relatives from whom you expected to be rememebred in their will and inherit something from their death.

5. Always look for the seed of an equivilent benefit in every unpleasant circumastance with which you meet no matter what the unpleasant cicumstance ( discpline yourself to look for the seed of an equivelant benefit)

6. Learn the almost forgotten art of asking questions and then listening to the answers – if someone makes a statement that you are not sure about or that you doubt or question, ask – how do you know? wait for the answer.

7. Never say or do anything which may influence another person without first asking yourself this question – will it benefit him or hurt him? If it will hurt him DO NOT DO IT. Excersise self-discipline because if you hurt someone that will come back and hurt you 10 times as much.

8. Learn the difference between friendly analysis and unfriendly critisism.

9. Remember that a good leader in any calling is one who can take orders as cheerfully as he gives them.

10. Tolerance in human relations is just as importan as tolerance in operation of mechanics.

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