Why You Should Read Daily

Did you know there are thousands of successful people that have figured out how to be successful and then wrote a book about it for you to learn?

You’re crazy if you’re not taking advantage of the extremley valuable information at your finger tips if you just take the time to find the book that interests you and read it.

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How to Control Your Emotions

Take Control

Every day you have a choice – you can let your emotions control your actions or you can make your actions control your emotions.

Start making your actions control your emotions.

By making your actions control your emotions you are increasing your self discipline and self esteem by taking the right action that will change your emotional state to be positive.

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The Power of Momentum

Momentum does not stay still. If you are not moving forward you’re moving backwards. Every single morning you must give the momentum swing a big push forward or it will be pushed backward without your control and the negative momentum will build up quick and be harder break the more the day goes on.

The night before write out a to-do list of 5 or more items. A list as simple as: wake up at a certain time, take a cold shower, meditate for 10 minutes, clean kitchen and get to the gym by a certain time. Bang off those 5 things first thing in the morning and you just gave a big push forward to the momentum swing and you are miles ahead of everyone else sleeping in.

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How To Meditate

Meditating has enough proven benefits to be worth setting aside the time daily to try meditating to see if it works for you.

Happier, less stressed, less anxious, calmer, sharper, clearer mind, more energy, less junk food cravings and more creative to name a few of the benefits proven from daily meditation.

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The Spartan Workout

This is the program that I use that gets consistent results.

Starts with a 12 rep range for 3 months then switches to a 6 rep range for the next 3 months then back to the 12 rep range and so on. Switching from the 12 rep range to the 6 rep range after 3 months stresses the nervous system by increasing the weight considerably and allows you to go back to the 12 rep range with a much stronger nervous system and keep making progress.

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How to Add Any Habit

In order to develop a habit it takes 21 consecutive days of action. If you add a new habit every 21 days each month of the year you will have 12 new habits to better your life.

The hardest part of developing a habit is getting started. Every day after day 1 it gets a little easier until after 21 days when cosmic habitforce takes over it becomes easy and you wonder why you never started earlier.

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Canadian SEAL Ethos

I say this everyday as part of my morning ritual to give me the mentality of a Navy SEAL. Saying this out loud daily puts lifes challenges in perspective and gives me the strength and courage for all the days challenges.


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