What Is Holding You Back From Success

This is my summary of the video “What’s Holding You Back” by the YouTube channel Be Inspired.

You have to be at least motivated to try.

Why don’t we take action? Fear.

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Spartan Veggie Smoothie

Every day, twice a day I make a veggie smoothie to get all the vitamins and minerals from veggies without having to cook.

Here is how you make the spartan veggie smoothie:

Mix kale, broccoli, banana and water in a nutri bullet or blender.

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How To Increase Self-Discipline

This is my summary of the neuropsychology of self-discipline by SyberVision with my own thoughts added to help understand the importance of self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the master key to getting anything you want in life.

You make money by using your mind. This is how you become a genius. All day everyday controlling and directing it in the direction that is towards your goal.

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