Elite Spartan Workout

This workout program is 6 days per week and is for intermediate lifters.

Keep the rest periods for the first heavy compound exercises to 3 minutes and all the other sets 2 minute rest.

Take every set to complete muscular failure. Make sure the weight is heavy enough that your last rep is failure while keeping good form.

Start each workout with 10 minutes cardio. I run on the treadmill but whatever works for you to get a good sweat.

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Spartan Muscle Building Elixir

The ingrediants to the spartan muscle building elixir that will boost muscle building hormones and drastically increase strength are creatine, BCAA’s, beta-alanine and taurine.

Take this elixir post workout to maximize the effects of each ingredient.

Mix together:

  • 5 grams micronized creatine
  • 5 grams BCAA’s
  • 2.5 Grams Beta-alanine
  • 3 Grams Taurine

Stir it up and drink it quick.

Buy all these ingrediants separately and unflavoured to avoid any artificial flavours and save money.

My 6 Month Body Transformation Jan 1, 2014 – July.1, 2014

This is my 6 month transformation I did starting January 1, 2o14 and ending July, 2014 in a competition against 15 other guys all over the world to see who could have the best body transformation over 6 months winner take all. Each guy paid $30 and the winner got $450.

After 6 months 13 out of 15 guys dropped out and it was between me and one other guy.

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Natural Testosterone Booster And Estrogen Decreaser


Some of the best natural testosterone booster and estrogen decreaser is broccoli and cauliflower. Cauliflower decreases estrogen and broccoli increases testosterone helping put your body in muscle building zone more throughout the day.

Steam the broccoli and cauliflower for 10 minutes each and store in a glass container in the fridge ready to eat throughout the day.

Buy a glass container to keep the steamed broccoli and cauliflower in and make enough for the day or a couple days so that you can eat a few full servings of these powerhouse veggies everyday.