How To Assemble An Attractive Personality

From Napoleon Hill’s book ” Keys To Success – The 17 Principles For Personal Achievement” these are the key points I took from Chapter 3 -Assemble an Attractive Personality.

For the full list of the 17 principles for personal achievement you can go here.


There are 25 different aspects of your personality which you must strive to improve.

Positive Mental Attitude – tact, kindliness, courage, faith, integrity, hope, generosity. tone of voice, posture, facial expressions, emotions you feel, effects every thought you have

Negative mental attitude – dampens enthusiasm, overthrows your self-control, throws reasoning out of gear, pessimistic,

Flexibility – adapt yourself quickly to circumstances, be like a chameleon harmonising with your environment, recognize your mental attitute will determine if the outcome is a benefit or a flaw

Sincerity of purpose – insincerity is apparent and obvious- first of all with yourself

Promptness of decision – move quickly decide quickly, PMA gives you confidence to make a decision

Courtesy – cheapest and most profitable quality in the world, scarce in this world, habit of respecting other peoples feelings under all circumstances, helping the less fortunate, controlling selfishless in all forms,  self- awareness is born of your PMA worthiness of goals and proposals.

Tact – habit of doing and saying the right thing at the right moment, closely related to courtesy lack of tact

List of lack of tact– carelessness of tone of voice, speaking out of turn, interrupting others that are speaking, overworking the personal pronouns so that every sentance has the word I, asking inpertinent questions often to impress others, going where they have not been invited, boastfullness, making calls at inconvienient hours, holding people on the phone for countless hours, volunteering unsolicited opinions on any subject under the sun without having the knowledge, commenting on others in an arrogant matter, commenting on peoples disabilities, using profane or offensive language, expressing dislikes at a drop of a hat, dwelling on ills or misfortunes, complaining about politics or religion

Tone of voice – practicing controlling your voice

Habit of smiling – practice smiling in front of a mirror preferably while speaking

Facial expression – more you can control your facial expression the better you can interpret the expressions others

Tolerance – disposition to being patient and fair towards those whose beliefs differ from yours

  • better able to identify and seize advantages
  • intolerance brings a host of disadvantages
  • makes enemies of those who would like to be friends
  • stops the growth of the mind by limiting the search for knowledge
  • discourages imagination
  • prohibits self-discipline
  • prevents accuracy in reasoning and thinking

Frankness of manners and speech

  • do not beat around the bush, get straight to the point


Keen sense of humour

  • allows you to relax and does wonders for PMA


Faith and infinite intelligence

  • the human mind is designed to accomplish things
  • desire opens the gate of faith
  • use power of faith to remove limitations


Keen Sense of Justice 

  • dedication to intentional honesty
  • establishes the basis of confidence without which are not attractive
  • builds fundamentally sincere character
  • attracts people and offers opportunties for real and lasting personal gain
  • builds self-reliance and self-respect
  • strengthens your relationship with your conscious and allows you to act more promptly
  • attracts worthwhile friends and discourages your enemies
  • protects you from destructive controversies
  • opens your mind to faith
  • inspires you to move towards your definite major purpose with greater personal initiative
  • enhances every human relationship
  • discourages selfishness
  • every aspect of attractive personality grows stronger


The Appropriate Use of Words

  • use words with precision
  • improve them by reading
  • read the dictionary for 30 minutes daily or self improvement books
  • direct clear and easily comprehended


Effective Speech

  • frankness, word choice and tone of voice let you speak with conviction and persuasion
  • know what you wish to say, say it with all the feeling you command then sit down
  • examples and illustrations add depth to your speech
  • make good use of hands
  • gestures, watch public speakers to watch how they use their hands
  • genuine enthusiasm is contagious. Sincerity and true confidence in your definite major purpose will give you all the power you need to fuel your speech


Emotional control

Identify the feelings which motivate us:

7 Negative emotions:

  • fear
  • hatred
  • anger
  • greed
  • jealousy
  • revenge
  • superstition


7 Positive emotions:

  • love
  • sex
  • hope
  • faith
  • simplicity
  • optimism
  • loyalty
  • letters of the alphabet with which you will write your plan for your success or failure
  • always be alert to the emotions which are present there and embrace or reject based on their effect on your state of mind
  • compile a chart on which you note everyday the number of times your experience and act on an emotion and what circumstance inspired that emotion.


Alertness of Interest

  • fix your focus on any person, place or thing long enough to gain the greatest possible encounter
  • memory will be enhanced
  • remember a persons name and they will be pleased to encounter you



  • keep yourself acqainted with the issues of the day
  • if you understand yourself you will be better able to appreciate others


Fondness for other people

  • people pick up on your lack of human affection
  • pay attention to your uncontrolled temper
  • impatience with others shows a lack of self-discipline and selfishness
  • constant display of defeatism



  • arrogance, egotism and vanity are not found in someone with an attractive personality
  • reconginition tht even the greatest folk are in the scheme of things only a spec
  • the blessing you have are to be used for the common good not for the topics for every topic of conversation
  • people strong in faith are always humble in heart and always much admired


Effective showmanship

  • all traits combined


Clean Sportsmanship

  • win without boasting
  • lose without squealing and others will soon respect you
  • inspire others to cooperate with you when they know at the end of the game it will not be unbearable
  • always be friendly and people will be glad they worked with you


A Good Handshake

  • grasp firm and friendly not crushing. Establish enthusiasm and cooperation


Personal magnetism

  • sexual energy of all the aspects of an attractive personality it is the only one which is innate and not truely developed by personal effort, you have what you are born with
  • channel its energy into your efforts
  • use sexual energy to build enthusiasm

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