How To Build A Positive Mental Attitude

From Napoleon Hill’s book ” Keys To Success – The 17 Principles For Personal Achievement” these are the key points I took from Chapter 7 -Build a positive mental attitude.

For the full list of the 17 principles for personal achievement summarized you can go here.


Positive mental attitude(PMA) is the single most important aspect of success.

How to develop a positive attitude –  

  • remember that every adversity, sorrow or defeat contains the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit which you can nurture and turn into a blessing
  •  close the door on your mind of all failures
  • help others to acquire similar benefits – put principle of going the extra mile into action
  • select a person in your opinion who is the finest person in the whole world that has ever lived or is alive now and make him/her your pace setter for the rest of your life emulating him/her in every possible way – figure out a plan to be exactly like him/her
  • say or do something every single day that makes someone else feel good – one good deed a day keeps the negative thoughts away
  • an idle mind becomes a negative mind
  • if your having a tough time figuring out your problem help someone else with their problem
  • study Ralph Waldo Emmerson’s Essay on compensation once a week to fully understand how the law of compensation works
  • take complete inventory of every asset you posses – your best asset is the control of your mind
  • find every person you have unjustly offended and offer sincere apology – forgive them and ask them to forgive you
  • quality plus quantity of service rendered plus mental attitude equals compensation
  • break all bad habits – abstain from bad habits one at time for a month until you show yourself who is boss
  • comprehend that no one can hurt your feelings without your own consent
  • frame every circumstance as happening for the best
  • tune your mind to attract the things and situations you want with daily prayer of gratitude for what you already have – act as if you already have that what you desire
  • do not try to control others
  • exhort yourself to keep your body in shape
  • reinforce habit of tolerance – learn to like people just as they are instead of demanding what you want them to be
  • love is the best medicine for positive attitude – always give love to receive – the law of increasing returns – love changes the entire chemistry of your body 
  • personal power does not only come from material things alone
  • admit that love is the finest medication for your body and your soul. It conditions it for a positive expression of a positive mental attitude
  • return every benefit you receive with equal or greater value
  • avoid fear of old age nothing is ever taken from you without being replaced by something equal or greater value. ex. youth replace by wisdom
  • any disadvantage can be overcome
  • welcome friendly criticism
  • embrace an opportunity to see how others see you, look for ways to improve, encourage criticism
  • look for differences between wishing, hoping , desiring and burning desire to achieve your goal
  • say nothing that does not reflect PMA
  • believe in the existence of infinite intelligence
  • read this once a week for 6 months – your mental attitude will become and remain positive at all times

The 2 Percent Who Succeed Take These 6 steps:

  1. Wishing – most people go through life merely wishing for things, these wishes are as fleeting as the wind no power to shape anything – number of people who stop there is roughly 70 percent
  2. Develop wishes into desires – some people want the same thing constantly and that’s the end of their commitment – these people account for roughly 10 percent
  3. Develop wishes and desires into hopes – these people imagine from time to time that they might get what they seek – these people account for about 8 percent
  4. Translate that hope into belief and expect what they want will actually happen –  6 percent of people
  5. Crystalize wishes, desire and hopes into belief then turn that belief into a burning desire then finally into faith – 4 percent
  6. Take the last 2 steps then make a plan to get what they want and carry that plan out with faith and positive mental attitude -2 percent

Requirements for membership in the 2 percent club:

  1. Adjust yourself to other people’s states of mind and peculiarities to get along peacefully with them -observe a dog and observe self-control how quickly it adjust to master moods.
  2. Ignore trivial circumstances in your relations with others do not let become controversies –  big people look past the small things.
  3. Establish control of your mind at the start of each day maintain throughout the day using the techniques  for building PMA maintain all day.
  4. Learn the art of selling yourself indirectly by persuasion and example rather than hard sell.
  5. Develop a hearty laugh as a means to release anger.
  6. Analyze all your set backs and determine their causes and discover the seed of equivelant benefit in each circumstance.
  7. Concentrate your mind on the can do portion of the task you face and never think about what you can not, do not worry about what you cannot do.
  8. Turn all unpleasant circumstance into opportunities for positive action.
  9. Remember no one can win all of the time no matter how much he deserves it – maximize gain by increasing understanding of yourself.
  10. Look on life as continual learning process, bad experiences become good ones.
  11. Every thought you release comes back to you multiplied in its effect, monitor your thoughts and only send out what you want to receive.
  12. Avoid associates with negative mental attitudes their attitude rubs off on you.
  13. Be aware of the dual nature of your personality – positive with capacity for belief and negative for equal capacity for disbelief – always exercise the positive.
  14. Prayer brings the best results when you have sufficient faith to see yourself with the things you are praying for and you must have PMA of highest order.

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