Elite Spartan Workout

This workout program is 6 days per week and is for intermediate lifters.

Keep the rest periods for the first heavy compound exercises to 3 minutes and all the other sets 2 minute rest.

Take every set to complete muscular failure. Make sure the weight is heavy enough that your last rep is failure while keeping good form.

Start each workout with 10 minutes cardio. I run on the treadmill but whatever works for you to get a good sweat.

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The Best Workout Songs

This is my collection of the best workout songs that have got me fired up to workout for years.

Updated whenever I find a new song that fires me up.

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Why You Should Workout Daily

Why wouldn’t you workout daily? You have 100% complete control over whether you have the best body you are capable of; that goes for looks, health and movement.

Everyone has the same 168 hours in the week to do whatever they want Рwork, sleep, eat, relax, ect. All you need is 5 hours every week of resistance training and you will be able to build your perfect body with proper training. Then add in good diet and some stretching and you can build your dream body.

1 hour with just you and your music, no distractions and pure focus on the goal of getting stronger than you were yesterday.

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The Spartan Workout

This is the program that I use that gets consistent results.

Starts with a 12 rep range for 3 months then switches to a 6 rep range for the next 3 months then back to the 12 rep range and so on. Switching from the 12 rep range to the 6 rep range after 3 months stresses the nervous system by increasing the weight considerably and allows you to go back to the 12 rep range with a much stronger nervous system and keep making progress.

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Spartan Morning Routine

The Morning Routine For Maximum Efficiency

The key to a successful day starts the night before by getting to bed early and waking up early to this morning routine to make the most out of everyday.

Every morning with this routine you are waking up your mind, body and spirit in a way that bring out your best traits to maximize the day.

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10 Reasons You Should Be Taking Cold Showers Daily


One of the best things you can do for better health is take a cold shower daily. Very few people know the benefits to taking a cold shower daily and it’s a shame because it’s a very small change in your daily routine that produces massive results. In my opinion it is a fundamental foundation for health and longevity. Here are the top 10 reasons you should be taking cold showers daily:

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