What Is Holding You Back From Success

This is my summary of the video “What’s Holding You Back” by the YouTube channel Be Inspired.

You have to be at least motivated to try.

Why don’t we take action? Fear.

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How To Increase Self-Discipline

This is my summary of the neuropsychology of self-discipline by SyberVision with my own thoughts added to help understand the importance of self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the master key to getting anything you want in life.

You make money by using your mind. This is how you become a genius. All day everyday controlling and directing it in the direction that is towards your goal.

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The Important Principles For Success

This is my summary of Napolean Hill’s Keys to Success – The 17 Principles for Personal Achievement.

This is a 17 part series split up into each principle needed for personal achievement.

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10 Rules For Profitable Self-Discipline

These are 10 rules I learned from Napoleon Hill for profitable self-descipline.

1. Keep cool when other people get hot. Whenever someone gets angry always remain cool, calm and collected. There is never a reason to let someone effect your posistive state of mind. No person has control over your thoughts.

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What Is Self-Discipline And Why Is It So Important

If every person on earth realized how important it is to build your self-discipline everyone would be successful and no one would be homeless, overweight or a drug addict.

Without self-discipline you end up being the person you don’t want to be.

In order to get the things in life that you want you must discipline yourself to take the required actions to get the desired result you want.

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The Most Important Decision Of Your Life

Every person comes to earth blessed with the privilage of controlling his mind power and directing it to whatever ends he may choose.

BUT with that privilage comes the decision to choose between the equivalent of two sealed envelopes which will determine your success or failure.

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Why You Should Workout Daily

Why wouldn’t you workout daily? You have 100% complete control over whether you have the best body you are capable of; that goes for looks, health and movement.

Everyone has the same 168 hours in the week to do whatever they want – work, sleep, eat, relax, ect. All you need is 5 hours every week of resistance training and you will be able to build your perfect body with proper training. Then add in good diet and some stretching and you can build your dream body.

1 hour with just you and your music, no distractions and pure focus on the goal of getting stronger than you were yesterday.

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Why You Should Read Daily

Did you know there are thousands of successful people that have figured out how to be successful and then wrote a book about it for you to learn?

You’re crazy if you’re not taking advantage of the extremley valuable information at your finger tips if you just take the time to find the book that interests you and read it.

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How to Control Your Emotions

Take Control

Every day you have a choice – you can let your emotions control your actions or you can make your actions control your emotions.

Start making your actions control your emotions.

By making your actions control your emotions you are increasing your self-discipline and self-esteem by taking the right action that will change your emotional state to be positive.

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The Power of Momentum

Momentum does not stay still. If you are not moving forward you’re moving backwards. Every single morning you must give the momentum swing a big push forward or it will be pushed backward without your control and the negative momentum will build up quick and be harder break the more the day goes on.

The night before write out a to-do list of 5 or more items. A list as simple as: wake up at a certain time, take a cold shower, meditate for 10 minutes, clean kitchen and get to the gym by a certain time. Bang off those 5 things first thing in the morning and you just gave a big push forward to the momentum swing and you are miles ahead of everyone else sleeping in.

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