How To Control Your Attention

From Napoleon Hill’s book ” Keys To Success – The 17 Principles For Personal Achievement” these are the key points I took from Chapter 11 -Control your attention.

For the full list of the 17 principles for personal achievement summarized you can go here.


Concentration on your definite major purpose is essential so that your subconscious will pick it up and get to work turning it into it’s material equivalent.

Master all of these principles:

Definiteness of purpose – deciding what you want plan and carrying out that plan with concentration to the end, need an object to concentrate attention and it will grow closer and clearer

Mastermind alliance – must control attention as the alliance intensifies your concentration

Applied faith- demonstrate faith with controlled attention –

Positive mental attitude

Going the extra mile – adds momentum inspire enthusiasm and faith , increasing PMA

Personal initiative – organizes plans

Self-discipline – harnesses and controls all emotions – guard against dissipation of energy – emotional power 

Create a vision – imagination is stimulated with controlled attention

Accurate thinking – no more guessing started making plans on known facts and sound hypothesis hones your thinking, attention is only applied where it is needed

Learning from defeat – when set backs occur use controlled attention to find, examine and nurture the seed of equivalent benefit that comes with every bit of unhappiness – nothing but a signal for greater and more determined effort, fuel to feed the fires of your willpower –  also delve into memory to examine defeats that occurred before you selected your definite major purpose- controlled attention makes every moment of your life valuable to you, nothing but a signal for greater effort

Enthusiasm – takes the drudgery out of your work and makes work a labour of love

Attractive personality – remove much of the opposition from people and increase cooperation, helps to increase mastermind alliance

Autosuggestion occurs consciously and subconsciously; every thought or word you speak is recorded in your subconscious

Controlled thinking conditions your subconscious mind to act on that purpose.

You must paint a clear picture for your subconscious to get to work.

Keep your mind busy with thoughts your major purpose – if you neglect to take control of your mind your mind will automatically think negative.

Difference between controlled and uncontrolled attention is the differnce betweeen success and failure.

The following principles of success when combined in your mind can produce power bordering on miraculous:

1.Definiteness of purpose

2. Self-discipline through emotional control

3. Auto-suggestion applied to attaining your purpose

4. Willpower actively engaged and directed towards your purpose

5. Controlled attention

6. Personal initiative

7. Creating vision

8. Applied faith

Controlled attention harnesses many of the other principles, heightens their power and in turn is increased itself.

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