How To Control Your Enthusiasm

From Napoleon Hill’s book ” Keys To Success – The 17 Principles For Personal Achievement” these are the key points I took from Chapter 8 -Control Your Enthusiasm.

For the full list of the 17 principles for personal achievement summarized you can go here.


Enthusiasm is the fuel that drives things forward and you’re ignited by the spark of your definite purpose then explodes with applied faith and personal initiative turns into a burning desire.

Benefits of controlling your enthusiasm:

  • increase intensity of thinking and imagination
  • acquire pleasing and convincing tone of voice
  • reduce the drudgery of your work
  • more attractive personality
  • gain self confidence
  • strengthen mental and physical health
  • build personal initiative
  • overcome physical and mental fatigue more easily
  • spread your enthusiasm to others
  • guaranteeing that your subconscious gets the message


Dangers of uncontrolled enthusiasm:

  • can lead to monopolized converstation talking about yourself too much that nobody wants to hear
  • does not cloud your judgement by revealing your plan to others – if you can see its value so can others

Do not let your enthusiasm find expression the wrong things like gambling,you wont have any left for your deffnite major puropose.

Steps To Building Your Enthusiasm:

1. Adopt a definite major purpose.

2. Write out clear statement of that purpose and your plan for attaining it – what you are going to give for its realization.

3. Back that purpose with burning desire, fan that desire, coax it and make it the dominating thought in your mind.

4. Set to work immediately to carry out plan.

5. Follow plan consistently, accurately and persistently.

6. If your come by defeat, study your plan carefully and change if necessary.

7. Allie yourself with others whose aid you need.

8. Keep away from joy killers and naysayers – stick to optimistic people.

9. Never let a day pass without reinforcing your plan- enthusiasm.

10. Keep yourself sold on the idea that you will obtain your definite major purpose – autosuggestion develops enthusiasm.

11. Keep your mind positive at all times – enthusiasm does not work in a negative state of mind.

Enthusiasm boosters

  1. Act enthusiastically – fake it until will it comes
  2. Keep enthusiasm log – when its high write it out on a notebook what caused it?
  3. Complete a can do task – things you know you can do no problem to get the momentum flowing – renew your enthusiasm – if you need them too often something is wrong you need to re-evaluate.
  4. Enthusiasm and the mastermind alliance – most important in your mastermind alliance – feeding each other positively – the leader will always benefit most paid dividend for enthusiasm – more insight into infinite intelligence.
  5. Criticising without destroying enthusiasm – have the person realize their mistake on their own.
  6.  Enthusiasm changes lives –
  • excites the imagination of others
  • help others connect with infinite intelligence

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