How To Cultivate Create A Vision

From Napoleon Hill’s book ” Keys To Success – The 17 Principles For Personal Achievement” these are the key points I took from Chapter 14 -Cultivate create a vision.

For the full list of the 17 principles for personal achievement summarized you can go here.


Create a vision requires you to stimulate your imagination and put that imagination to work.

Infinite Intelligence only becomes available to people who make a habit of going the extra mile, it does not recognize 9-5 working hours as its not concerned with monetary rewards.

Imagination like reason takes 2 forms – synthetic imagination and creative imagination

Synthetic imagination:

  • combines previously recognized ideas, concepts plans or facts and put them to new use
  • puts the net sum of all human knowledge at your fingertips

Creative imagination:

  • has its base in the subconscious
  • commitment to a better future
  • create a vision has no limitations because it has infinite intelligence on its side
  • find dark silent spot to quiet your mind to talk with infinite intelligence
  • what motive inspires you to give your best? are you willing to go the extra mile?

Life never lets you get something for nothing.

Create a vision frees you from the fear of others for it makes you feel at peace with yourself because know you are fair and honest.

Makes you keenly aware of the price of personal achievement because you know the labour required

Helping to develop create a vision:

  • get on better terms of your own consciences
  • inspiring yourself for greater self-reliance
  • provide yourself with a definite major purpose
  • keep your mind so busy with that purpose that you have no time for fear and doubt

Nothing will happen in your life that you do not inspire with your own initiative. Create a vision will provide that inspiration.

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