Diet is What Determines Your Physique

Taking the time to learn what a healthy diet consists of and planning a way to eat that way is the best decision you can make to control your physique.

Diet is THE most important aspect of how your physique looks.

If you do not pay attention to what you are eating and know roughly how much protein, fat and carbs you are eating then you are never going to make progress.

After working out consistently for one year now, my guess would be that diet accounts for 90% of the progress you make in the gym. If you do not have a solid diet you will not see the results. The other 10% is working out daily and keeping track of you workouts daily and always trying to get stronger every day in every way.

If you workout for an hour pushing yourself to failure and sweating buckets then go to mcdonalds and have a cheeseburger and fries with a coke you are ruining your hard work and have most likely have maxed out the amount of calories your body can burn that day. Any more food after that meal and it is being stored.

If you drink a veggie shake with kale, broccoli and banana with water and ice you are giving your body an overload of vitamins and minerals to help the healing process and help eliminate toxins that you built up during your workout. Adding protein or BCAA’s is also going to help build muscle, recover and get stronger.

If you eat 2 mcdonalds meals in one day you will gain fat because you have gone way over the amount of calories you can burn and your body is forced to store fat.
You must eat less calories than you are burning every day so that your body can tap into its fat stores for energy.

Try to eat 1 gram per pound of bodyweight and split up the fats and carbs whatever way you enjoy most.

Along with the huge benefit of controlling how your body looks, you also feel your best from eating healthy food. Eating too much or unhealthy food does not provide good fuel to give you as much energy and clear focus as you are capable of getting from healthy food.

Always be aware of the emotion you feel when you get a strong craving and ¬†immediately remind yourself you will regret it 5 minutes after you eat it. Use self-discipline to not cave in. Wait it out or find something healthy to eat if it’s that strong and the craving will go away.

You also feel better after it goes away and you beat that craving by not caving in.

Diet is completely under your control and becomes much easier the more you choose healthy choices.

Tips for improving your diet:

  • take the time to meal prep – cook 3-5 days worth of food at a time and put each meal in a container so that you have planned your eating shedule and portion size to keep you on track
  • do not buy food you do not want to eat when grocery shopping. If junk food is the house you are much more likely to cave into that craving when you shouldn’t.
  • eat more veggies – the more vitamins and minerals your body has the less hungry you will be
  • do not think about junk food, as soon as a craving comes on stop thinking about it and think of soemthing else
  • take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. One side write all tht benefits of eating healthy and the other side all the negative from eating junk food
  • train yourself to look at junk food like a bad thing instead of a good thing – frame junk food as a poison

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