How to Add Any Habit

In order to develop a habit it takes 21 consecutive days of action. If you add a new habit every 21 days each month of the year you will have 12 new habits to better your life.

The hardest part of developing a habit is getting started. Every day after day 1 it gets a little easier until after 21 days when cosmic habitforce takes over it becomes easy and you wonder why you never started earlier.

“My emotions do not control my actions, my actions control my emotions.” Remind yourself you have control over your actions, which can control your emotions.

You have to override your emotions to start out and make yourself take action to create the habit you want. Everyday it gets easier to keep the habit going until you don’t have to force yourself to do it becasue you want to do it. It becomes easy and enjoyable because you know the benefits of your actions.

Think about the short term discomfort that will create long term pleasure. Every time you give up on forming your new habit you are creating short term pleasure for long term discomfort.

The key is to have an outcome that you want from this new habit with a purpose why you want that outcome and you need to take massive action to attain that new habit.

A helpful tip to create this new habit is to write down all the reason why you want this new habit in your life and what will the result in your life be when you have this new habit.

Pick one habit you want most to add to your day and start immediately forcing yourself to take action everyday to build that habit until you wonder why you never started earlier.


Until next time,

-Wes Malec


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