How to Control Your Emotions

Take Control

Every day you have a choice – you can let your emotions control your actions or you can make your actions control your emotions.

Start making your actions control your emotions.

By making your actions control your emotions you are increasing your self-discipline and self-esteem by taking the right action that will change your emotional state to be positive.

For example, you know you should go to the gym in the morning but you don’t have the energy and you keep thinking about how much you don’t feel like going. You force yourself to take action and go to the gym even though you don’t feel like doing it. You go to the gym and drive home feeling amazing from your workout and happy you completed the mission.

Take Action

Stop letting your current emotions determine the action you want to take and start taking control of your emotions by taking action first.

Mindset Shift

” I will not let my emotions control my actions I will make my actions control my emotions.”



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