How To Create Personal Initiative

From Napoleon Hill’s book ” Keys To Success – The 17 Principles For Personal Achievement” these are the key points I took from Chapter 6 -Create personal initiative.

For the full list of the 17 principles for personal achievement summarized you can go here.


Andrew Carnegie once said, “There are two kinds of people who never amount to anything. There are those who never do anything except what they are told to do. And there are those who cannot even do what they are told to do. The people who get ahead do the things that should be done without being told. And they don’t stop there. They go the extra mile and do much more than is expected of them.”

You don’t wait for things to happen you make them happen.

Going the extra mile forces personal initiative.

Major attributes of personal initiatives-identify and figure out how to increase and strengthen this list of qualities that constantly appear:

  • adoption of a definite major purpose
  • motivation to act continuously towards that purpose
  • mastermind alliance to aquire the power to attain that purpose
  • self-reliance
  • self-discipline
  • persitance based upon the will to win
  • well developed imagination controlled and directed towards your desired end
  • habit of prompt definite decison making
  • habit of making decisions based on facts not guess work
  • habit of going the extra mile
  • well developed sense of details
  • generate enthusiasm at will and direct and control it
  • capacity to listen to critisisim without resentment
  • familiarity with the 10 basic human motives
  • capacity to concentrate on one task at a time
  • willingness to except responsability for mistakes of subordinates
  • assuming full responsability for ones actions, patience with subordinates and associates
  • capacity for applied faith
  • habit of following through
  • emphasising thoroughness instead of speed
  • dependabity, positive mental attitude at all times
  • personal initiative creates work, advancement and achievement
  • must be alert to see every opportunity and act on that opportunity right away

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