The Most Important Decision Of Your Life

Every person comes to earth blessed with the privilage of controlling his mind power and directing it to whatever ends he may choose.

BUT with that privilage comes the decision to choose between the equivalent of two sealed envelopes which will determine your success or failure.

Which Envelope Will You Choose

One envelope is labelled – The riches you may enjoy if you take possession of your own mind and direct it to ends of your own choice.

Second envelope is labelled – The penalties you must pay if you neglect to take possession of your mind and direct it.

The contents in the envelope labelled Riches: sound health, peace of mind, labour of love of your own choice, freedom from fear and worry, positive mental atittude, material riches of your own choice and quantity.

The contents in the envelope labelled Penalties one must pay for neglecting to take possession of his own mind: ill health, fear and worry, indescicion and doubt, frustration and discouragement throgout life, poverty and want and much more such as envy, greed, hatred, jelousy, anger, superstition.

There is no sugar coating this unforgiving truth. If you choose not to take accept the privilage you are given at birth to direct and control your mind through self discipline, you will suffer.

How To Start Taking Possession Of Your Mind

Get a blank piece of paper and pen and start with writing down what you are willing to accept as your idea of success. You limited only by what you create in your mind.

Then write a clear statement of percisely what you decide to give in return for the things you want.

This is your Life Mission.

Repeat this at least a dozen times daily and end with this:

I ask not from divine providence for more riches but more wisdom with which to accept and use wisely the riches I recieved at birth in the form of the power to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire.



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