Spartan Morning Routine

The Morning Routine For Maximum Efficiency

The key to a successful day starts the night before by getting to bed early and waking up early to this morning routine to make the most out of everyday.

Every morning with this routine you are waking up your mind, body and spirit in a way that bring out your best traits to maximize the day.


The main benefit of this routine is that you are priming your mindset to take on all the days challenges with your best foot forward. The most beneficial trait we have is the power to control our thoughts and shape the life we want to live. Taking the time to prime your mind for the day is essential to make the most out of everyday and give your mind the mental food it needs to thrive.

5:00 – Wake up. Bring awareness to every cell in your body from head to toe for 5 mins

5:05 – Veggie Shake  ( broccoli, kale, banana, ice, water)

5:10 – 1) Meditate 10 Minutes

2) 6 Phases of Meditation

3) SEAL Ethos

4) Life Mission

5) Self Confidence

6) Breathing Exercise

5:30-  10 Minutes DEMANDING self confidence

6:00 – Workout

7:45 – Cold Shower

8:00 – Veggie Shake ( broccoli, kale, banana, ice, water)

8:15-9:00 – Read/watch motivating video/book/post


2 thoughts on “Spartan Morning Routine”

  1. I want to say I like your post, I mean I do like the effort you put into it but 4 hours to start your day seems ridiculously unreasonable.

    A lot of things seem unnecessary. Ask yourself this, can a Spartan get through his day without doing all these things? If yes, (and I think yes) what can you eliminate then?

    My morning routine:

    4:45 Wake up and straight to my pre-workout(If your not a fan of a pre, please disregard)
    5:00 Eat an apple.
    5:15 Is gym time
    7:00 Come back, cook my breakfast. Wait for it to cool down as I take my cold shower.
    Key here is to chant and do affirmations of self-confidence as you shower. Pound your chest as your under the water. You’ll love it.

    I’m basically done at 7:30.


    I’d love a reply back.

    1. Thanks man. The difference is roughly 2 hours between our routines. It takes me 30 minutes to drive to my gym and back and I add 1 hour of mindset tecniques. The 1 hour of mindset techniques are priming your mind and body to take on all the days challenges with the right mindset which is the most important thing you have control over to influence how your day turns out. Try it out!

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