The Power of Momentum

Momentum does not stay still. If you are not moving forward you’re moving backwards. Every single morning you must give the momentum swing a big push forward or it will be pushed backward without your control and the negative momentum will build up quick and be harder break the more the day goes on.

The night before write out a to-do list of 5 or more items. A list as simple as: wake up at a certain time, take a cold shower, meditate for 10 minutes, clean kitchen and get to the gym by a certain time. Bang off those 5 things first thing in the morning and you just gave a big push forward to the momentum swing and you are miles ahead of everyone else sleeping in.


Momentum effects you from hour to hour with each decision you make and also tomorrow and next week so it is very important to choose each action wisely and not build up negative momentum.

For example, you set your alarm for 6 AM ready to start your morning routine bright and early, but you wake up and keep hitting the snooze button until 7 AM that is the first push on the negative momentum swing. Then you get in the shower ready to take on a cold shower and you chicken out and don’t take one. Strike two. After that you have your 5 items on your to-do list you plan on checking off one by one but you choose to do the easiest one then give up and find something more fun. That’s strick three and your day is full swing momentum of avoiding what needs to be done.

On a larger scale, lets say you set a day in one week where you plan to quit your addiciton to X. The day comes and you make up an excuse why this day will not work and you plan to quit on one day next week. Then that days comes and you find another reason to justify why that day will not work either. Before you know it you have built up the habit of avoiding what needs to be done and are making it harder and harder for yourself to build up the self discipline it takes to quit your addiction.

With everything in life, whatever you do daily builds momentum and becomes a habit. Whether that daily activity is taking action and doing something productive to better your life or avoiding something you often do that is destructive and is negatively effecting your life, each day the decision you make is pushing the momentum swing in one direction or another and building that habit stronger everyday.

The key is listen to your intuition and choose to take action when it needs to be taken so that you build the momentum of taking action and doing what needs to be done opposed to avoiding that action and building the habit of avoiding doing what needs to be done.

Habits are like muscles and the more you work them the stronger they get.

Build up your self-confidence by making the decison to take the right action to build the positive momentum and benefit from the law of momentum instead of letting it hurt you.

Until next time,

Wes Malec



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