How To Think Accurately

From Napoleon Hill’s book  “Keys To Success – The 17 Principles For Personal Achievement” these are the key points I took from Chapter 10 -Think accurately.

For the full list of the 17 principles for personal achievement summarized you can go here.

10. Think Accurately

Think of your mind like a garden.

You must learn to think accurately to be great.

Take the time and think your way to riches.

The thinking process is based on two types:

  1. Inductions – from a part to the whole individual to the universal- based on experience and experimentation and draws conclusions
  2. Deductions – based on specific conclusions are based on general logical assumptions


To be an accurate thinker you must take two important steps:

  1. Separate facts into two categories – important and unimportant
  2. Separate facts from opinions, fictions, unproved hypothesis and hearsay
  • it is very easy to come to false conclusions
  • overabundance of opinions can be destructive and accurate thinkers do not have any


Techniques for evaluation:

Scrutinize every bit of information you encounter.

If you read a book ask questions like these:

  1. Is the writer a recognized authority on he subject covered?
  2. Did the writer have a motive to write the book other than covey other than imparting accurate information. What is that motive?
  3. Does the writer have a profit interest in the subject covered?
  4. Is the writer a person of sound judgement or fanatic?
  5. Does the writers statements harmonize with common sense and experience?
  6. Does the writer have a profit interest in the subject covered?
  7. Are there easily accessible sources to check the verify the authors statements?

The sources of your thought habits come from 2 main sources:

Physical heredity – influence thought habits – left or right brain modify strengthen and direct

Social heredity – experiences, education, take action to influence such as reading this book

Two big mistakes:

1. Credulousness

  • the habit of believing on the basis of little or no evidence. You must challenge everyone and everything that influences it. This is the greatest expression of respect for the Creator since you recognize that your thoughts are the only thing over which you have been given complete control and you embrass this blessing

2. Tendency to disbelief anything they do not understand

Controlled habits 

  • success depends on strength and control of habits
  • you must work on putting your definite major purpose in your mind every day multiple times with accurate thinking
  • accurate thinking requires persistent action
  • every time you act you strengthen that controlled habit, enthusiasm and applied faith increase
  • with accurate thinking your work will no longer be a drudgery,  it will be like satisfying hunger. Your imagination becomes keener and more alert
  • depends heavily on other principles of success
  • plays an important role in controlled attention

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